U.S. 98/Gregory Street and Bayfront Parkway at 17th Avenue

Work began in summer 2019 to reconstruct the intersection of State Road (S.R.) 30 (U.S. 98/Gregory Street) and S.R. 196 (Bayfront Parkway) at 17th Avenue.  The new interchange, in conjunction with the new Pensacola Bay Bridge, will improve safety conditions and reduce congestion for the approximately 58,000 drivers who pass through this intersection daily.

Both the new 17th Avenue interchange and the new Pensacola Bay Bridge are currently estimated for completion in early 2022.


The project will provide improvements to the northern landing of the Pensacola Bay Bridge and 17th Avenue intersection.  The traffic signal currently at 17th Avenue will be removed and replaced with a flyover structure and roundabout.

The new flyover structure will have three, 11-foot travel lanes and shoulders that will carry U.S. 98 westbound traffic from the Pensacola Bay Bridge to Gregory Street and Bayfront Parkway.

Beneath the flyover will be a 15-foot wide, single-lane roundabout that will seamlessly move traffic between U.S. 98, Bayfront Parkway and 17th Avenue.




The 17th Avenue interchange will accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists by providing routes to safely access the new multi-use paths under the north end of the Pensacola Bay Bridge.

Six-foot sidewalks and ten-foot multi-use paths will extend current sidewalks along Bayfront Parkway, 17th Avenue and Gregory Street providing scenic pathways along the approach for users to enjoy the view and safely cross beneath the bridge.


Access during construction

The following restrictions will be in place for pedestrians, bicyclists, and recreational users during the construction of the new 17th Avenue interchange.

  • The sidewalk alongside Bayfront Parkway westbound will be closed. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be directed to the eastbound sidewalk.
  • Wayside Park on the west side of U.S. 98 will remain closed to pedestrians, bicyclists, and recreational users.

Wayside Park on the east side of U.S. 98 will remain open (during park hours), along with the Pensacola Bay Fishing Pier and the 17th Avenue boat launch.

Safety tips

Pedestrians and bicyclists should follow basic safety principles at all times:

  • Be visible, especially at night or low-light conditions and during inclement weather.
  • Know and follow all traffic rules, signs, and signals.
  • Stay alert and avoid texting, phone calls, and other distractions.
  • Walk-in safe places and avoid areas where pedestrian traffic is prohibited.
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