Cables to be replaced on the westbound arch

Cables to be replaced on the westbound arch

Over the next few months, the Pensacola Bay Bridge construction team will be replacing the cables on the arch for the new westbound (Gulf Breeze to Pensacola) bridge.

A view of the cables and arch on the eastbound bridge. The arch provides structural support for the multiuse path that is intended for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Drivers may notice that the steel cables are currently black in color, unlike the white cables on the eastbound bridge. That is due to the white protective sleeves not being available at the time of installation because of supply-chain challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to change out the cables, crews will have to strategically replace the black steel and cover the cables with a white protective sleeve that is designed to safeguard the cables against exposure to the elements.

Once the cables are replaced and the protective sleeves are installed, the appearance of the westbound arch will match the arch on the eastbound bridge.

There should be no traffic impacts associated with the cable replacement because the work will be done on the westbound bridge which is not yet open. But, as always, the construction team advises drivers and boaters to exercise proper caution when traveling on or beneath the bridge.

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