New Overhead Signs in Place

New Overhead Signs in Place

The Pensacola Bay Bridge construction team completed a new addition to the project this week – new overhead signage. The overhead signs are the large, green roadway signs used to notify drivers of upcoming traffic patterns.

A team of crew members worked day and night to prepare the signs for installation, transport them to the bridge project, and erect the signs at designated locations within the project limits.

The team first assembled the support structures for the large signs off the roadway in Pensacola. Next, the steel support poles were delivered to the site using extended trailers. Once the poles arrived, a crane carefully lifted them off the trailer as crew members on the ground guided them into place and anchored each one to the substructure. Then, a crane was again used to lift the signs into place and attach them to the support structure.

The entire process was a team effort that required precision and skill to be perform safely.

As the project progresses, please be mindful of construction workers, vehicles, and equipment.

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