Pensacola Bay Bridge “By the Numbers”

Pensacola Bay Bridge “By the Numbers”

Crews are working to construct the new eastbound (Pensacola to Gulf Breeze) bridge and as much of the westbound (Gulf Breeze to Pensacola bridge as possible. The new westbound bridge will sit partially within the footprint of the current bridge, so it can’t be completed until all traffic is transitioned to the eventual eastbound bridge and the current structure demolished.

Here’s a snapshot of the progress.
Test and production piles driven: 1,280 of 2,124
Trophy pieces placed: 73 of 416
Florida I-Beams set: 180 of 1,020
Concrete bridge deck spans poured: 20 of 210

The project remains on-schedule for completion of the first (eventual eastbound, Pensacola to Gulf Breeze) bridge in early 2019.

The eventual westbound bridge (Gulf Breeze to Pensacola) is slated for completion in mid-2020.

Keep in mind schedules may vary based on weather and other conditions that could impact a construction project of this duration, magnitude, and complexity.

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