Trophy Installation Complete

Trophy Installation Complete

In August of 2017, the first trophy piece for the Pensacola Bay Bridge was completed at the Bayou Chico casting yard and delivered to the bridge construction site. This month, crews set the final trophy piece, number 434.

Trophy pieces, which weigh about 270,000 pounds each, consist of a concrete footer, column, and cap, all in a single unit. They are referred to as “trophy pieces” because of their resemblance to a trophy or award.

Each trophy piece was brought from the Bayou Chico casting yard to the bridge by barge and carefully lifted into place atop the piles using a crane.

Now that all trophy pieces are in place, crews will continue connecting them to one another using concrete beams. The bridge deck, which includes the riding surface for the bridge, will continue to be constructed atop the beams.

As the project continues, drivers are reminded to use caution, especially at night, when traveling through a work zone and to watch for construction workers and equipment entering and exiting the roadway.

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